About Kent

Kent Shaw

Kent Shaw is a photographer living in Elmore, Vermont. He started his career in music education and was a high school band director for ten years. While still teaching, his interest in technology led him first to recording studios, which quickly led to a stint doing television audio for professional sports. This was followed by many years in various aspects of Information Technology. He and his wife Jean, moved to Vermont in the mid 2000s and after a few years of telecommuting from his home in Elmore he retired in 2008.

He first started photography in the early 1980's as a hobby, but time for photography was limited by work demands. Following the introduction of digital cameras he experimented with various point-n-shoot cameras and made the switch to DSLRs in 2007. He has been shooting non-stop ever since.

Landscapes and nature abstracts are favorite subjects. Jean, his wife, is an avid gardener and he loves nothing better than wandering in the back yard shooting whatever might be in bloom at the time. Waterfalls, especially small unknown ones, are also a favorite subject matter. More recent interests are nighttime and architectural photography.


In 2013 I took one photo each day of the back yard. At the end of the year all the images were assembled into a timelapse video.

Here's a timelapse video of all my photos from 2012: