About Kent
Photography of Kent Shaw

I am a photographer and digital artist living in Elmore, Vermont. When I started photography my main subject matter was capturing the beauty of nature. That’s still a driving force, but now my aim is to find and capture something unique about the subject. With many, many hours spent in Photoshop a more recent trend has been to combine my photos into digital composites – thereby creating entirely new images. My website reflects these two areas – Photography and Digital Art.


My "goto" photographic subjects are wildflowers, waterfalls, night sky scenes, and landscapes. My photographs have been published in Vermont Life, a yearly calendar, and the annual Town Report for Elmore. I also exhibit my work in local restaurants and galleries.

Digital Art

I seem to spend most of my time creating images of imaginary scenes. The subjects of these scenes are often local landmarks but with an added twist — a local train station, but with an old steam locomotive, a roaring twenties gangster shootout in the local town, or the library surrounded by houses created from books. It's fun to come up with the concept, figure out how it can be made, photographing all the component images, and finally assembling the final composite image. I shoot all my own images — doing so makes the final image feels more like my own.

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