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The making of Out to Pasture

Component Images

First identify and gather all the component photographs. Many times I am able to re-purpose old photographs from my library. Other times it is necessary to locate and photograph the needed components. Either way, all photographs are my own.

Sky & clouds

The barn

1929 Chevrolet (diecast model)

Old Farmall tractor

Autumn grass

Dead weeds

Tree and rock

Rust (to age the car)

The rusted roof to replace the
shiny roof on the red barn

Assembly Process

Start with image of the sky & clouds. This will serve as the background for the final image.


Next, place the barn in its approximate location. It can be moved to its final location as other components are incorporated into the image. As each component is added it is in its own separate layer. Do not flatten or combine layers!

Place the barn

Place the first layer of grass in its location.

Add background grass

Place the weeds above the grass. Although most of the grass in the above step. Although the weeds cover up most of the grass, the grass is visibile along the horizon and where the grass touches the barn's foundation.

Add weeds

Add a couple more fence posts to complete the fence line.

Add fence posts

Blend in the rusty roof panels. Each section of the three roof sections are done independently. The rusted roof sections are blended with the original by reducing the opacity of the rusted layer.

Add weeds

Overlay the rust on the chevy. This is done by selecting all the painted areas of the car then applying a clipping mask to the rust. The blend mode of the rust is changed to Overlay and the opacity is reduced. The final effect is shown here.

Add rust

Next, place the rusty car in the final scene. Use a grass-shaped (custom made) brush to mask around the lower parts of the car. This makes it appear as though the car is resting in the weeds with grass growing up around it.

Add chevy

Add the tractor. As with the car make the tractor appear to have grass growing around it by masking with a grass-shaped brush.

Add tractor

The tree and rock provide a bit more interest to the horizon.

Add tree

The final step is to apply color grading and any other overall adjustments to the image.

Color grading